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Emo Sterotype

Name: Zor

Origin: Sonic Lost World

Title: Deadly Six Spy

Classification: Zeti

Tier: 9-A--8-C

Abilities and Powers: Magnetic Field Manipulation( control over Robots), Darkness Manipulation, Longevity, Flight, Levitation, High Physical Strength -- Energy Ball Projection, Homing Energy Ball

Techniques and Weapons: Giant Owl Mech( shoots out flying Metal Orbs)

Destructive Capacity: Large Building Level--City Block Level(Stronger than Pre Extractor)

Durability: Large Building Level--City Block Level

Weaknesses: Cacophonic Conch, Doubts himself

Speed: Peak Human Level Tier 1

Stamina: High

Striking Strength: Unknown

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Intelligence: Seems to know what he is doing and is a spy

Key: Pre Extractor-- Post Extractor

Combat Record: Lost to Sonic

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