SLW Wii U Zomon Fight 03

He can put down one big sandwich

Name: Zomom

Origin: Sonic Lost World

Classification: Zeti

Tier: 9-A--8-C

Abilities and Powers: Magnetic field manipulation( control over robotics) Super Strength, Burrowing, Longevity, Tornado Creation--Energy Ball Projection, Able to Survive Extreme heat( was burrowing through lava), Burrowing

Techniques and Weapons: None Notable

Destructive Capacity: Large Building Level--City Block Level

Durability:Large Building Level--City Block Level

Weaknesses: Cacophonic Conch, Can be outmaneuvered

Speed: Faster than Eye can see( goes at the speed of a tornado)

Stamina: Very high

Striking Strength: Class GJ

Lifting Strength: Class 5

Intelligence: very Slow and not very intelligent

Key: Pre Extractor--Post Extractor

Combat Record: Lost to Sonic

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