I m zazz by zazzthezeti-d6mfey7

This dude is crazy

Name: Zazz

Origin: Sonic Lost World

Classification: Zeti


Abilities and Powers: Super Speed, Super Strength, Magnetic field manipulation( Control of Robots), Longevity--Energy Balls Projection

Techniques and Weapons: Moon Mech( Zazz can use this to throw at his enemy and it can shoot mini stars out of his mouth)

Destructive Capacity: Building Level--Large building Level( stronger than pre energy machine power up)

Durability: Wall Level--Large Building Level

Weaknesses: Cacophonic Conch, Attacks enemies without knowing what they are capable of

Speed: Hypersonic( Could keep pace with Sonic when he is running casually) Tier 2

Stamina: Extremely high

Striking Strength: Class MJ

Lifiting Strength: Superhuman

Intelligence: he is a pychopath but seems to know what he is doing

Key: Pre Extractor--Post Extractor

Combat Record: Lost to Sonic all the times he fought him

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