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The Only Mystical Character Eggman succesfully controlled

Name: Time Eater

Origin: Sonic Generations

Classification: Unknown Super Dimensional Being

Tier: 2-C Possible 2-B

Abilities and Powers: Space-time manipulation, Energy beam emission, Immobilizing Orbs, Fire ball projection, Clock Shield, Super strength, Flight, Super Speed, Super Durability, Able to send points in time to a white zone of non-existence, Star Creation, Time Portal Creation, Telekinesis, Soul Manipulation, Erases time, Time Manipulation, Existance Manipulation, Time Travel, Chronokinetic Constructs, Time Energy Manipulation, Time Compression, can cause Space-Time Rifts, Temporal Entity Physiology, Space-Time Slicing, Time Reduction, Subspace Travel, Temporal Monster Physiology, Nonexistant Realm Creation, Cosmic Hunger, Anatomical Liberation

Techniques and Weapons: Homing Shot, Warping Arm Attack(can Send multiple arms through a portal and warp them to the enemy)

Destructive Capacity:Universal+ to Possible Multiversal Via Hax( Don't know how many Universes and Time lines he was sending into a White Void)

Durability: Universal+ to Multiversal

Weaknesses: Chaos Emeralds

Speed: Massive LS( could keep pace with both Super Sonics) Tier 7

Stamina: Unknown most likely limitless

Striking Strength: Class EJ

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Intelligence: Unknown for the being itself but it had two Eggmans Controling it so it is Very Intelligent

Combat Record: Put all of Sonic's Friends in a Black Limbo and White Space, Knocked out Base Sonic with ease, it took 2 Super Hedgehogs to defeat him

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