Sonicchannel tikal

Name: Tikal

Origin: Sonic Adventure

Title: Daughter of Pachacamac Leader of the Knuckles Clan

Classification: Ancient Anthropomorphic Echidna

Tier: 10-A

Abilities and Powers: Combat skills, Super speed, Spiritual power, Controlling the Master Emerald, Skilled swimmer, Fast climber, Can use Chaos Energy, Can Take form as a Glowing Orb, Can Give Visions, Time Travel

Techniques and Weapons: Captive Light( She can blind her enemy), Heavens Justice, Wrath of Gaia( a powerful punch that Disorients the Enemy)

Destructive Capacity: Wall Level

Durability: Wall Level

Weaknesses: not Very Strong Physically

Speed: Hypersonic+( Near the Speed of Knuckles Casual Speed) Tier 3

Stamina: Average, Likely Unlimited as a Spirit

Striking Strength: Class KJ

Liftining Strength: Default Human

Intelligence: Above Average

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