Anyone Who Ranks in The Tier List Will be Able to Create or Destroy anything in Their Respective Tier 

Not all Characters that have a Higher DC can beat characters lower than them because that character might have an ability or broken hax that can defeat that character

we do not use terms like omniverse or Megaverse because they are terms used in Marvel

Attack Potency will not be considered in the Tiers because these are more of speculation and calc based, as well in a debate attack potency shouldn't be considered unless said otherwise

Brane Cosmology



Low Superhuman or Human Levels

Tier 11: Below Human Levels

Tier 10-C: Human Levels

Tier 10-B: Street Level

Tier 10-A: Wall Level and Tree Level

Super Human Tiers

Tier 9-C: Small Building Level/ Large Boulder Level

Tier 9-B: Building Level: characters who can break down a house sized building

Tier 9-A: Large Building Level: Characters who can break down Skyscraper sized buildings

Tier 8-C: City Block Level:

Tier 8-B: Multi City Block Level:

Tier 8-A: Town Level/Hill Level: Characters who can take down a Village or small city

Tier 7-C: City Level: Destroying Large Cities

Tier 7-B: Mountain Level

Tier 7-A: Island Level

Global Tiers

Tier 6-C: Country Level

Tier 6-B :Continent Level

Tier 6-A : Lifewiper Level: Characters who Wipe the Surface and all life on a planet

Planetary Tiers

Tier 5-C: Moon Level/Planetoid Level: Characters who can bust a moon, Planetoid, or Satellite

Tier 5-B: Planet Level

Tier 5-A: Large Planet Level/ Multi Planet Level: these include Gas Giants

Interstellar Tiers

Tier 4-C: Star Level: Characters who can bust a star as well as causing a chain reaction to destroy a solar system

Tier 4-B: Solar System/ Black Hole Level: Powers Equivalent to a Super Nova or Destruction/Creation of a Black Hole, Solar System

Tier 4-A/ +: Multi Star and Star Cluster Level/ Star System and Multi Solar System Level : Characters who can bust Star Systems, and Multiple Stars, also much higher end of control on Black holes

Galactic Tiers

Tier 3-C: Galaxy Level: Powers can Include a Few Billion Stars or Super massive Black Holes, Galaxy

Tier 3-B: Galaxy Cluster Level: Can Destroy a Group of Galaxies

Tier 3-A: Universe Level: Characters who can bust a Universe or are Limited to one Universe

Beyond Universal Tiers

Tier 2-C: Multi-Universal or Universal+ Level: Characters who have Total Influence in a Universe and can affect more than 1 Universe up to 100 universes, Also 4 Dimensional Beings

Tier 2-B: Multiversal: Characters that can destroy a Multiverse in a amount of time, or can destroy 100 to 1000 universes

Tier 2-A: Multiversal+: Characters able to destroy or create 1000 to Infinite Universes, or are 5 Dimensional

Omnipotent Tiers

Tier 1-C: Complex Multiversal: Characters that are 6 to 11 dimensional and are higher than a Multiversal's infinity

Tier 1-B Metaversal: Characters who are 12 and higher in Dimensional in Spacial and Temporal Dimensions but are still limited to one

Tier 1-A Metaversal+: Characters who are not bound by the Dimensional Spaces or Stronger than a Metaversal Level Character by miles, or are functional omnipotent, or Ultipotence

Tier 0 True Omnipotence: Someone who has Absolute Power in their Respectable Fiction, Characters like these will not use Omniversal but True Infinity

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