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Name: Miles "Tails" Prower

Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Title: Tails

Classification: Anthropomorphic two-tailed fox

Tier:9-A--5-B--Higher(similar to super sonic or hyper sonic)

Abilities and Powers: Flight(he uses his tails), Super Speed, Skilled Mechanic, Enhanced Inventing, Expert Air Pilot and Aerial Fighter, Experienced Swimmer, Excellent Driving Skills, Was trained by Sonic, Child Prodigy, Hypercognition, Supernatural Intelligence, Gadget Usage, Prehensile Tail, Scientific Prowess--Flight, Enhanced Abilities, Invulnerability--Flight, Time-Space Manipulation, Enhanced Abilities

Techniques and Weapons:

  •  Tornado(Plane)
  • Dummy Rings( Fake Rings that give off electrical discharges)
  • Flash bangs
  • Rapid Spin Attack(Spins around flinging his tails)
  • Shield Bot( a bot that provides a shield)
  • Medibot( A bot that heals a teamate or tails)

Super Shield

  • All Abilities he Had in Base Form

Super Form

  • Enhanced Techniques from Base Form
  • Auto Homing Energy Flickies(Can Destroy Ghosts)

Destructive Capacity: Large Building(in his Mech and Tornado)--Planet Level (Power scaling of Super Sonic and Metal Overlord from Sonic Heroes and the games before)--Around Super Sonic and Hyper Sonic's Level

Durability:Large Building(Standard For Now)--Planet Level--Around Super Sonic and Hyper Sonic's Level

Weaknesses:Not really good at hand to hand combat, Sometimes doubts himself, Afraid of Lightning and Ghosts--None Noticeable--None Notable

Speed: Hypersonic+(can keep up with Sonic when sonic is running casually)--LS++(Can Keep up with Super Sonic)--Massive LS(Similar to Super Sonic and Hyper Sonic): Overall: Tier 5-6

Stamina:High Stamina but cant fly for long--Limitless--Limitless

Striking Strength: Class KJ

Lifting Strength: Above Average Human

Intelligence: Can build things similar to Eggman, Extremely Intelligent

Key: base--Super Shield--Super

Combat Record: has taken down full armadas by himself, has stalemated Eggman's mech suit with his. Has fought Many Enemies with Sonic

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Super Shield

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Super Tails

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