This is what speed a character can be. This can also be organized in Tiers.

The Tiers are organized in order of until(ex: [Tier 1]-100m/s. Anything at that range or under is tier 1 until the first tier 1).

[Tier 1]-1 m/s: Human Speed

[Tier 1]-10 m/s: Peak Human, above 10 m/s is Superhuman

[Tier 1]-Faster than the Eye can See: 100 m/s, Peak travel Speed of Arrows,Fireworks and Speed of Super cars and Formula One

[Tier 2]-Supersonic: 340 m/s Mach 1

[Tier 2]-Supersonic+: 1,000 m/s Mach 3-4

[Tier 3]-Hypersonic: 1,701.45 m/s Mach 5

[Tier 3]-Hypersonic+: 1,701.45 m/s Mach 10

[Tier 4]-Mach 23: 7,858 m/s

[Tier 4]-Massive Hypersonic: 34,029 m/s Mach 100 - 999

[Tier 4]-Massive Hypersonic+:340,290 m/s Mach 1,000-9,990

[Tier 5]-Sub-relativistic: 3,402,900 m/s Mach 10,000 -99,999

[Tier 5]-Relativistic: 34,029,000 m/s Mach 100,000

[Tier 6]-Speed of Light: 299,792,458 m/s Mach 880,991

[Tier 6]-LS+:10x Speed of light

[Tier 6]-LS++: 100x Speed of light

[Tier 7]-Massive LS: 1,000x Speed of light

[Tier 7]-Massive LS+: 1,000,000x Speed of light

[Tier 8]-Massive LS++: 1,000,000,000x Speed of light

[Tier 8]-Massive LS+++: 1,000,000,000,000 Speed of light

[Tier 9]-Abstract/Unknown: This is a special type of tier which is generally undefined in speed. Either Unknown, uncalculable, but not exactly defined as infinite.

[Tier 10]-Infinity: This is the max tier. Anything which is solidly proved to move at infinite speeds is placed here. Omnipresence is not included since it is a definition of ultimately placed everywhere at the same time. It is not a unit of speed or cannot be used as one. If anything Omnipresent has been proven to move at speeds to aquire such omnipresence, it is infinite in speed. Also moving fast enough to be independent from Time is also qualified as Infinite Speed

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