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Name: Sonic the Hedgehog

Origin:Sonic Game Universe

Classification: Anthropomorphic Hedgehog

Title: A guy who loves adventure, The Fastest Thing Alive, Blue Blur

Tier: 7-A--7-A(standard for now)--6-C--3-A--2-C--Higher

Abilities and Powers:Super strength, Super speed, Acrobatic, enduranceindomitable force of will , agility, dexterity, Time Manipulation, Tornado Creation, Wind Attacks, Swordsmanship,Piloting, Enhanced Reflexes, Can use Extreme Gear, Combat Skills, Reliant Immortality(Wind), Homing Effect, Magic Weaponry, Enhanced Charisma, Enhanced Combat, Chaos Powers, Power Kicking, Sonic Boom Generation, Flowmotion, Critical Impact, Time Reduction, Energy Shield Construction, One Man Army--Limb Extension Stronger(Strength) than base form, Super Strength, Fast reflexes, Enhanced Clawmanship, Monster Physiology, Elastic Combat--Flight, Swordsmanship, Energy Beam Emission--Reality Warping,Time-Space Manipulation, Pyrokinesis, Super Speed, Enhanced Super Strength , Flight--Time-Space Manipulation, Flight, Invulnerability, Nigh-Omnipresent(was able to exist in 1/3 of time), Energy Wave Emission , Augmented Power, Shield Penetration, Purification--Everything his Super form has but at a higher degree

Techniques and Weapons:

  • Sonic Wind- a chaos energy attack similar to Shadow's Chaos Spear
  • Magic Hands- can turn Enemies into objects
  • Time Stop( He can stop Time for a short amount of time while he can keep going)
  • Time Break- makes time go slower although he slows down as well
  • Speed Break- A boost of speed that turns Sonic into a flaming projectile


  • Unleashed Mode(Increases his speed,strength, and durability)



  • Time Break
  • Speed Break

Super Form

  • Arrow of Light (gathers light around him and charges for more damage)
  • Chaos Control
  • Can Grant Super Transformations (did it in Sonic06)
  • Can grant Super Shields (did this in Sonic Heroes)
  • Chaos Energy Projection

Hyper Form

  • Hyper Flash(Can Destroy all Enemies on a Screen)

Destructive Capacity: Island Level--Island Level--Country level(Possibly Higher)--Universal Level(Reality Warped a Universe)--Physically Star Level, Multiversal level via Hax(Defeated Solaris with Shadow and Silver, and fought Time Eater with Classic Sonic)--Higher

Attack Potency: Planet Level(Base and due to calcs), Universe+(Darkspine with more World Rings)

Durability: Island Level--Island Level--Country Level--Universal--Multiverse Level--Higher

Weaknesses: cockiness, overconfidence and reluctance to fight at full power--Slower than Base form(Werehog)

Speed: LS+--Faster than Eye can see--LS++--LS++--Massive LS possibly higher (was able to exist in 1/3 of time)--Higher: Overall Tier 6 and Tier 7 in Super and Hyper forms

Stamina: Can fight very long without tiring--Extremely high stamina--unknown--Limitless--Limitless--Limitless

Striking Strength: Class TJ--Class TJ--Class ZJ --Universe Class--Class XMJ--Higher than his Super Form

Lifting Strength: Class 5

Intelligence:has very high combat intelligence and Above Average Intellegence 

Key: base--Werehog--Excalibur--Darkspine--Super​--Hyper​​​​​

Combat Record: Has Won and Stalemated against Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, and Metal Sonic , Defeated Ultimate Emerl in 30 seconds, defeated Perfect Chaos in Base form, Has always defeated Eggman.

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Super Sonic

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Hyper Sonic

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