The most powerful character in the worst Sonic Game


Origin: Sonic 06

Title: Flame of Hope

Classification: Super Dimensional God of Time

Tier: 2-B

Abilities and Powers: Time manipulation, Devouring the fabric of reality, Creating time-space rifts, Energy Beam Emission, Temporal omnipresence(Able to exist throughout all of time), Shapeshifting, Force-field generation, Invulnerability, Pyrokinesis,Unfettered Immortality, Transcendant, Can Launch Meteors with Condensed matter, Space-Time Manipulation, can cause Space-Time Distortion, Space-Time Asorption, Spatial Mimicry, Dimensional Manipultation, Transcendent Physiology, Temproral Entity Physiology, Gravitational Singularity Generation, Space-Time Slicing, Estoeric Sun Manipulation

Destructive Capacity: Multiversal (he was going to Devour all Existing Timelines and was Eating Dimensions)

Attack Potency: Multiversal+(if he would have Made Existance Collaspe)

Durability: Multiversal Level

Weaknesses: his Conscisness

Speed: Able to Exist in all of Time

Stamina: Unknown Most Likely Limitless

Striking Strength: Unknown

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Intelligence: Mephiles is his mind

Combat Record: It took 3 Super Powered Hedgehogs to defeat him and still they couldn't kill him

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