Silver the hedgehog

Quality Character in a Bad Game

Name: Silver the Hedgehog

Origin: Sonic 06

Classification: Anthropomorphic Hedgehog from the Future


Abilities and Powers: Psychokinesis(its Telekinesis), High physical durability, Super speed, High acrobatic skills and reflexes, Limited Telepathy, Limited Teleportation, Flight, Levitation, Psionics, Deflection, Psychic Blade Construction, Psionics--Enhanced Chaos Powers, Light Speed Movements, Enhanced psychokinesis, invulnerability, Flight, Enhanced super strength, Enhanced acrobatic skills and reflexes, Nigh Omnipresence

Techniques and Weapons:

  •  ESP( He uses telepathy to mess with the enemy's mind)
  • Meteor Smash( grabs a lot of obstacles and puts in a sphere and sends it at the enemy)
  • Psychic Knife( a knife like wave of psychic energy)
  • Psycho Shock( can paralyze his enemies)
  • Psycho Smash( pushes away nearby enemies and paralyzes them)

Super Form

  • Shield of Light( a shield that catches anything that comes near him and sends it back),
  • Chaos Control
  • Turbo Boost( a boost to his speed)

Destructive Capacity: Island Level( fighting Sonic)-- physically Planet Level Low end Multiversal via hax( Fought Solaris with Sonic and Shadow)

Durability: Island Level--Low End Multiversal

Weaknesses: Isn't very good at Hand to Hand Fighting, if he overuses his Psychokinesis he will become fatigued

Speed: Hypersonic+--Massive LS Overall Tier 4

Stamina: Higher than Peak Human

Striking Strength: Class KJ

Lifting Strength: Unknown, Class K with Physokinesis

Intelligence: Not the most Intelligent and can't comprehend common sense, Naive

Key: base--Super Form

Combat Record: Has Stalemated and Lost to Shadow and Sonic. Has fought Iblis and won every time. Stalemated Knuckles(Sonic Rivals)

Super silver the hedgehog by silvershadowfan 920-d5qkcxt

Super Silver

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