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The only Main Character in the Game Universe with a Backstory

Name:Shadow the Hedgehog

Origin: Sonic Adventure 2

Title: Ultimate Life form

Classification: Artificial Hedgehog

Tier:7-A--6-C--2-C(Via Hax)

Abilities and Powers:Immortality, Super speed, Enhanced durability, Extreme acrobatic skills and reflexes, super strength, Enhanced jump, Hand-to-hand combat skills, Weapon and firearms combat skills, G.U.N. military training and experience, Capable Extreme Gear rider, Chaos Powers, Contaminant Immunity, Subspace Travel, Limiter Removal, Regulation, Science Attuned Physiology, Enhanced Gunmanship, Enhanced Marksmanship, Can Cause Space-Time Rifts, Power Kicking, One Man Army, Flowmotion, Enhanced Combat, Ergokinetic Combat, Vehicle Intuition, Enhanced Dexterity, Artifically Enhanced Physiology, Omnidirectional Energy Waves, Teleportation--Everything his base has but extremely Enhanced, --Enhanced Chaos Powers, invulnerability, Flight, Enhanced vast super strength, Enhanced acrobatic skills and reflexes, Chaos Energy projection, Nigh Omnipresent

Techniques and Weapons:

  • Air C. Burst(Attack From Midair from a pocket of distorted Space)
  • Air C. Magic(Shadow creating Distorted area of Space)
  • Air R. Chaos(A ball of distorted space launched at someone)
  • Chaos Boost( a Enhancement of abilities)
  • Chaos Burst( a chaos projection from a pocket of distorted space)
  • Chaos Control Sphere
  • Chaos Lance(a red Bolt of chaos Energy)
  • Chaos Rift( he opens up Space and Time and can erase someone from existence but it doesn't always work) 
  • Roaming Chaos( he throws at a chaos energy orb that will come back to him after finding someone to attack)
  • Sonic Boost( Creates an aura around him than plows threw enemies) 
  • Guns
  • Vehicles

No Inhibitor Rings

  • Everything his base has but Extremely Enhanced

Super Form

  • Chaos Arrow( a small blue bolt of chaos energy)
  • Chaos Blast
  • Chaos Control
  • Chaos Spear
  • Spear of Light( a blast of multiple chaos lances)

Destructive Capacity:Island Level--Country Level(Stronger than Base and Possibly Higher Attack Potency, and decimated a bunch of Mephiles Clones)-- Physically Star Level, Multiversal via hax

Attack Potency: Moon Level(Base Form, based of Calcs)

Durability:Island Level--Country Level--Low End Multiversal Level

Weaknesses: if he doesn't have a chaos emerald he is not as powerful and loses alot of techniques he could use--he tires out too quickly--none notable

Speed: LS+--LS+--Massive LS : Overall Tier 6

Stamina: Extremely High--Very Low

Striking Strength: Class TJ

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Intelligence:Very Intelligent Combat Wise

Key: base--No inhibitor Rings--Super Form

Combat Record: has stalemated, lost and Defeated Sonic(the wins for shadow against Sonic is Conisidered noncanon), Defeated Silver, has Decimated Eggman, Black Doom,and GUN armies

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Super Shadow


No Inhibitor Rings

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