A Fairly Powerful Female Character

Name: Rouge the Bat

Origin: Sonic Adventure 2

Title: World's Greatest Thief

Classification: Anthropomorphic Bat

Tier: 8-A

Abilities and Powers: Flight, Super strength, Super speed, Skilled Hand-To-Hand combat, Burrowing, High acrobatic skills and reflexes, World class treasure hunter skills, Top-class spy, Stealth, Expert thief, Skilled climber, Experience swimmer, Capable Extreme Gear rider, Enhanced hearing, Excellent Kick Boxer, Trained by G.U.N, Cunning, Very Swift, Glide, Power Kicking, Sexual Inducement, Bat Physiology, Sonic Scream, Enhanced Combat

Techniques and Weapons:

  • Black Wave( can create a black ripple that damages and disorients enemies)
  •  Dummy Ring Bomb( she throws dummy rings)
  • Heart Attack
  • Heart Mine
  • Bomb Sniper(she aims and makes bombs go long distances)
  • Hip Drop(Kicks the ground hard it makes the enemy lose their footing)
  • Jewel Storm( She Throws Jems at the enemy that can pierce their armor)
  • Screw Kick( Spinning kick attack)
  • Shriek( a Scream so loud she makes the enemy lose focus and disoriented)
  • Tornado Kick( kicks hard enough that wind comes out and damages the enemy)

Destructive Capacity: City Block Level ( note: although her tiers go against this she only stalemated Knuckles because she was either able to read his moves or was a little quicker than him and alot of people actually believe if they were fight again with all their abilities and techniques knuckles would have won)

Durability: City Level

weaknesses:if falling backwards she isn't able to fly( for some odd reason)

Speed: Hypersonic+( she can keep up with Shadow when he is running casually) Tier 3

Stamina: Extremely high

Striking Strength: Class MJ

Lifting Strength: Class 5

Intelligence: Very Intelligent

Combat Record: Stalemated Knuckles

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