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the Most Badass Robot there is

Name: E-123 Omega

Origin: Sonic Heroes

Title: The Ultimate E-Series Robot

Classification: E-Series Robot


Abilities and Powers: Super strength, Vast and highly destructive built-in weapon arsenal (Mostly firearms), Limited flight, Strong and durable armor, Waterproof frame and interior components,  Super Speed, Hover, In his Arsenal he has Machine Guns, Missles, Cannons, Flamethowers, and Fire Balls

Techniques and Weapons:

  • Fire Launcher(shoots fireballs out of his cannon), 
  • Lock-On Shot
  • Omega Arm( Spins around shooting Missiles)
  • Temporal Field( can make an ally Temporal for a short amount of time)

Destructive Capacity: City Level( has enough firepower to level a city)

Durability: City Level to Life Wiper Level( Survived When Iblis Life Wiped the world)

Weaknesses: Not very Agile, Faulty Targeting System

Speed: Hypersonic+(Can Keep up with Shadow) Tier 3

Stamina: Limitless

Striking Strength: Class GJ

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Intelligence: Robotic Intelligence

Combat Record: Considered the strongest in the E-Series, His attacks were faulty against Mephiles 

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