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Prob the most Loved robot i have ever seen

Name:Metal Sonic

Origin:Sonic the Hedgehog CD

Title: Master of Living Things

Classification: Robot Created by Eggman Designed off Sonic

Tier:7-A--6-C--6-B--5-B to Possible 5-A

Abilities and Powers:Super speed, Super strength, Extreme acrobatic skills and reflexes, Copying opponents' Techniques, Rocket-propelled flight, Waterproof hardware and frame, Plasma pulse chest laser, Clone Physiology(Clone of Sonic), Bionic Physiology, Weaponized body, Gun Protrusion, Adoptive Muscle Memory--Shapeshifting,Telescoping limbs, Can shoot Lightning Bolts, Copying Techniques, can do everything his base form can, Metal Manipulation--Copying opponents' Techniques, Flamethrower, Missile shooting, Crystal generation, Super strength, Tail sweep--Flight, Copying opponents' Techniques, Homing missiles, Crystal imprisoning, Claw missiles, Super strength, Crystal projectiles, Super speed

Techniques and Weapons:

  • Black Shield(a shield that is impentrable)
  • Copycat(copies other characters abilities)
  • Plasma Pulse Attack( a lazer wave fired from his chest)
  • Ring Spark Field(Destructive Field of Electrical Discharges)
  •  V. Maximum Overdrive Attack( a Powerful Attack that can penetrate through anything)

Neo Metal Sonic

  • Can do everything his base form can

Metal Madness

  • Homing Missles
  • Claw Missles

Metal Overlord

  • Chaos Control
  • Crystal Attack(Sends chaos energy in forms of crystals at enemies)
  • Flying Attack

Destructive Capacity:Island Level(Similar to Sonic)--Country Level(stronger than base form)-- Continent Level(Stronger than Neo)--Planet Level to Possible Large Planet/Multi-Planet Level

Durability: Island Level--Country Level--Continent Level--Star Level

Weaknesses:If he tries to go to fast he will destroy himself

Speed: LS+--LS+--Stationary--Massive LS(is Able to Keep pace with Super Sonic) Overall Tier 6

Stamina:Limitless(for all transformations)

Striking Strength: Class PJ

Lifting Strength: Class 5

Intelligence:Super computer intelligence, was able to overthrow Eggman

Key: base--Neo Metal Sonic--Metal Madness--Metal Overlord

Combat Record: Closest Character to defeating Sonic. Tookover Eggmans Empire at one Point, in Metal Overload Form it took 3 Superpowered Characters to defeat him

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Neo Metal Sonic


Metal Madness

Metal Overlord

Metal Overlord

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