Mister Myagi

Name: Master Zik

Origin: Sonic Lost World

Title: Founder of the Deadly six

Classification: Zeti

Tier: 9-C--9-B

Abilities and Powers: Magnetic field manipulation, Acrobatics, Great accuracy, Energy ball Projection, Telekinesis, Longevity, Enhanced Agility and Reflexes, Old Prime

Techniques and Weapons: None Notable

Destructive Capacity: Small Building Level--Building Level( stronger than Pre Energy Machine)

Durability: Building Level--Large Building Level( could be higher because he can outmatch most in the Deadly Six and was considered the Most or Second Powerful in the Deadly Six)

Weaknesses: Cacophonic Conch

Speed: Faster than the Eye can see: Tier 1

Stamina:High Stamina

Striking Strength: Class MJ

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Intelligence: Founded the Deadly and a Genius in Combat as well as training Zavok, is the wisest in the Deadly Sx

Key: Pre Extractor--Post Extractor

Combat Record: Lost to Sonic, Outmaneuvered Zazz and Zomom

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