The Master Emerald Power Edit


The Master Emerald is regarded as the most powerful gem in the Universe, possessing unbound and infinite power even more powerful than the Chaos Emeralds. As its primary function, the Master Emerald has the power to fully control everything that the Chaos Emeralds do, which grants it the ability to both negate and empower Chaos Emeralds, meaning it can stop the Chaos Energy of the Chaos Emeralds, or enhance them. The Master Emerald's energies can as well be harnessed to initiate a super transformation(Mecha Sonic)

The Master Emerald has also been seen creating three-dimensional holographicimages within itself (thus suggesting that the Master Emerald is in fact sentient). In addition, if the Master Emerald is broken into several pieces, it can repair itself if the shards are brought back together. However, the shattering of the emerald seems to give the shards an explosive trajectory, causing them to fly a great distance which makes the task of gathering them rather painstaking.

As revealed in Sonic Rivals, the Master Emerald is a transcendental object that exists simultaneously in all time lines across the time-space continuum(Omnipresent).

Only Knuckles, Chaos and Tikal are able to talk to, command, and control the Master Emerald

Traits and other Notable Things Edit

The Master Emerald keeps Angel Island afloat in the sky

As stated above the Master Emerald can negate the Chaos Emeralds and Enhance them

It can suppress Chaos the God of Destruction

It can empower people

In Debates with Knuckles people believe he could beat chaos emerald users fairly easily because he can negate their powers

Notable Users Edit

Knuckles the Echidna



Sonic the Hedgehog

Mecha Sonic

Eggman(for his creations)

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