Yea this little guy is planet level

Name: Light Gaia(Chip)

Origin: Sonic Unleashed

Title: Incarnation of Light

Classification: The God of Light


Abilities and Powers: Flight, Planet reconstruction, Photokinesis(Manipulation of light), Unfettered Immortality, Telepathy, Gaia Temple sensing, Control of Gaia Temples, Stronger in the Day time, Shield Creation, Transcendent Physiology--Flight, Super speed, Immense super strength, Immense physical durability, Photokinesis

Techniques and Weapons: Guard( he puts up a shield)

Destructive Capacity: Planet Level( Restored the entire planet)

Durability: City Level( it is prob Planet Level)--Planet Level

Weaknesses: none notable

Speed: Hypersonic+ Can keep up with Sonic--LS+ Overall: Tier 4-5

Stamina: Unknown most likely Limitless

Striking Strength: Class H--Class YJ

Lifting Strength: Defualt Human--Class T

Intelligence: Had the Mind of a 6 year old

Key: base--Gaia Collosus

Combat Record: Fought Dark Gaia with help from Sonic

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Gaia Collosus

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