Knuckles the echinda

Fun Fact he was going to be Jamaican

Name:Knuckles the Echidna

Origin:Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles

Title:Guardian of the Master Emerald, Worlds Greatest Treasure Hunter

Classification: Anthropomorphic Echidna

Tier: High 6-C--5-B--Higher--Higher

Abilities and Powers:Vast Super Strength, Super Speed, Enhanced Durability, Geokinesis, Gliding(captures air in his dreadlocks), Martial Artist(Considered the best in the world), Extreme Gear User, Experienced Swimmer, Can Control the Master Emerald, Can Sense Chaos Energy(Energy Detection) and Chaos Emeralds, Burrowing, Can Climb any obstacle, Guardianship, Enhanced Clawmanship, Gauntlet Proficiency, Chaos Powers, One Man Army, Flowmotion, Megaton Punch, Vibration Emission, Power Fists, Danger Intuition, Enhanced Combat, Ergokinetic Combat, Elemental Bolt Projection--Has all his abilities but are Enhanced, Flight, Invulnerability--Invulnerability, Enhanced Speed and Enhanced Vast Super Strength, Explosive Punches, Flight-- Invincibility, Every his Super Form has but Enhanced, Flight

Techniques and Weapons:

  • Hammer Punch(can punch the ground and make the enemy lose their footing)
  • Knuckle Slam( hits the ground and causes fire to rise around him)
  • Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack( Knuckles moves at Light Speed and attacks enemies)
  • Meteor Crush(uses geokinesis to summon Meteors from the sky)
  • Thunderarrow(uses chaos energy to send this attack similar to Shadow's Chaos Spear)

Super Shield

  • Everything his base form can do but enhanced

Super Form

  • Every his base form can do but Enhanced

Hyper Form

  • Everything his Super form has but Enhanced
  • Gliding Shock Wave Attack(Glides into Something and destroys all the characters on the screen)

Destructive Capacity: Large Country Level( he can punch the ground hard enough for Magma to come out of the ground)--Planet Level(Powerscaled of Super Sonic and Metal Overlord from Sonic Heroes and Games before)--Higher--Higher

Attack Potency: Planet Level(Base Form Based of Calcs and Him fighting Super Forms)

Durability:Island Level+--Planet Level--Higher--Higher

Weaknesses:Attacks can be slow and readable

Speed: LS(Maximum Knuckles Heat Attack) casually Hypersonic+(can keep up with Sonic) MFTL Reactions(a character sonic can't speed blitz and has fought a super form)--LS++--Massive LS--Higher: Overall Tier 5-6

Stamina:Extremely High

Striking Strength: High Class ZJ

Lifting Strength: Class 25

Intelligence: Very High combat wise, Also has Very High Knowledge on Old Civilizations and Cultures

Key: base--Super Shield--Super--Hyper

Combat Record: Has Stalemated Sonic. Has defeated a Super form in base form( Super Mecha Sonic)  


Super Shield


Super Knuckles

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Hyper Knuckles(Similar to Super Knuckles)

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