One of the Most Cocky Characters ever

Name: Jet the Hawk

Origin: Sonic Riders

Title: Legendary Wind Master

Classification: Babylonian Hawk

Tier: 8-C

Abilities and Powers: Above average physical strength, Acrobatic, World class Extreme Gear rider and expert, Professional thief, Advanced piloting skills, Wind reading, Leadership skills, Super Speed with his Extreme Gear, Wind Generation, Enhanced Fanmanship, Corporeal Evacuation

Techniques and Weapons: Type J Extreme Gear, Bashoshen, Ark of the Cosmos, Gravity Control, Gravity Dive, Leaf Screw, Razor Leaf, Sneeze(he sneezes on you)

Destructive Capacity: City Block Level using Gravity Dive, Physically Wall Level

Attack Potency: Solar System Level or Black Hole Level( the Ark of the Cosmos can create Black Holes)

Durability: Building Level to City Block Level

Weaknesses: Very Self Centered and Cocky

Speed: LS+ while on Extreme Gear, Physically Superhuman

Stamina: Extremely High

Striking Strength: Class KJ

Lifting Strength: Above Average Human

Intelligence: Extremely High when coming to Extreme Gear, Otherwise Above Average

Combat Record: Has Fought Master ABIS and the Babylon Guardian with Team Sonic the rest of the Babylon Rogues

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