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Just Call him Devil number 2

Name: Iblis

Origin:Sonic 06

Title: The Flames of Disaster

Classification: Lava God, Physical Strength of Solaris


Abilities and Powers: Pyrokinesis, Fire breath, Magma ball Projection, Heat resistance, Unfettered Immortality, Shapeshifting, Immense super strength, Beast Creation, has the raw power and strength of Solaris, Magma Mimicry, Beast Manipulation, Feral Mind, Fission Entity Physiology, Infinite Resurrection, Lava Generation, Geo-Thermal kinesis, Meteor Summoning, Fire Generation

Techniques and Weapons: His monsters

Destructive Capacity: Lifewiper(Decimated Silver's world)

Durability: Island Level

Weaknesses: None Notable

Speed: Unknown( never shown any feats or kept up with anyone for a accurate assumption)

Stamina:Unknown most likely Limitless

Striking Strength: Class TJ

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Intelligence: No intelligence whatsoever except for trying to destroy everything he runs into

Combat Record: Lifewiped Silver's world, has been defeated Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Blaze

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