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Had a pretty sad Story

Name: E-102 Gamma

Origin:Sonic Adventure

Title: Eggman's Clunker

Classification: E-100 Series Robot


Abilities and Powers: Highly advanced laser targeting system, Build-in machine gun that can transform into missile launcher, Accurate marksmanship, Build-in turbo fan system that keeps Gamma elevated over water, High-speed flight, Roller mode for high speed movements

Techniques and Weapons:Laser Gun, Homing Missile Launch

Destructive Capacity: City Block Level( Scaled of Sonic at the time)

Durability: City Block Level

Weaknesses: Doesn't have alot of firepower

Speed: Faster than the eye can see: Tier 1

Stamina: Limitless

Striking Strength: Unknown

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Intelligence: Has Robotic Intelligence

Combat Record: Defeated all the E- Series Robots(Except for Omega), Stalemated Sonic and Tails

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