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When Posting Feats make sure the Feats are Destructive, Durability, or Speed type Feats if they are a Feat for Explaining the Power or Hax for a single Character put that said feat on their Character Profile Page


Enerjak(Dimitri) Erasing Knuckles from Existance


Master Mogul Destroying Millions of Multiverse Zones

16 (1).jpg

proof that Mogul destroyed Multiverses

Knuckles the Echidna -9 - Page 9.jpg

the Ancient Walkers being able to bring Knuckles back to Existence

Knuckles the Echidna -9 - Page 21.jpg

Mammoth Mogul being Able to take Dimitri Enerjak's Power

Sonic the Hedgehog -104 - Page 9.jpg

Robolactus about to eat a planet

Sonic the Hedgehog -104 - Page 14.jpg

Robolactus Stating he was going to destroy the Solar System


Sonic battle final boss battle

go to 5:20 and watch to 10:00 it will show you what the Final Egg Blaster can do and how fast Sonic had to fight Emerl who at this point had the abilities of Sonic,Tails,Knuckles,Shadow,Rouge,Gamma,Chaos,Amy, and Eggman and had full control of the Final Egg Blaster

Sonic the Hedgehog -104 - Page 16.jpg

Silver Snively being bigger than a planet

Sonic the Hedgehog -128 - Page 13.jpg

E.V.E destroying a Planet and being as large as the Sun

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