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Why isn't he the leader of the Chaotix


Name: Espio the Chameleon

Origin: Knuckles Chaotix

Classification: Ninja Anthropomorphic Chameleon

Tier: 8-B

Abilities and Powers:Super speed, Camouflage, Stealth, Ninjutsu expert, Ninja weapon warrior, Great acrobatic skills and reflexes, Espionage, Hand-to-Hand combat skills, Limited computer hacking, Prehensile tongue, Wall crawling, Experienced detective and data collector, Horn protrusion, Keen Mind, Invisibility, Chameleon Physiology

Techniques and Weapons: Shuriken, Chroma Camo( turns invisible and increases his speed), Homing Attack, Leaf Swirl( turns invisible and sends out a tornado), Ninja Arts: Camouflage, Spin Dash

Destructive Capacity: Multi-City Block Level( fought Ifrit)

Durability: Multi-City Block

Weaknesses: with the Chaotix they can become clumsy

Speed: Massive Hypersonic, FTL Reactions Tier 4

Stamina: Extremly High

Striking Strength: Class KG

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Intelligence: Smarter than Vector and Charmy

Combat Record: Lost to Sonic and with the Chaotix they stalemated Team Dark

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