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has the longest Transfomation name in history

Name: Erazor Djinn

Origin: Sonic and the Secret Rings

Title: The Genie of the Lamp

Classification: Djinn, Genie

Tier: 7-A combat wise, 3-B in him erasing the Universe--3-A

Abilities and Powers: Super Speed, Wish Granting, Swordsmanship, Immortality, Timer Set-up, Genie Physiology, Literary Manipulation, Pyrokinetic Combat, Curse Inducement, Ergokinetic Combat, Flight, Levitation, Magic, Summoning -- Flight, Pyrokinesis, Energy Ball Projection, Reality Warping, Mutation Inducement, Organic Abomination

Techniques and Weapons: Flame of Judgement( a Flame put into an opponent and can only be removed by the person who placed it there or if the oppenent transforms)

Destructive Capacity: Island Level Combat wise and Multi Galaxy Level (when he was erasing the Universe)--Universe Level( was going to recreate the World of Arabian Nights)

Durability: Island Level( Survived attacks from Sonic)--Universe Level( surived attacks from Darkspine Sonic)

Weaknesses: His Lamp

Speed: LS+ ( was keeping Pace with Sonic in Combat)--LS++(Keeping pace with Darkspine Sonic), Overall Tier 6

Stamina: Very High

Striking Strength: Class EJ

Lifting Strength: Class G

Intelligence: Very Intellegent

Key: base--Alf Layla wa-Layla

Combat Record: Proven to be the strongest in the world of Arabian Nights, Lost Sonic in Base Form and Super Forms

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