Char emerl big

A very OP Robot and i still don't see how he lost Sonic

Name: Emerl

Origin: Sonic Battle

Title: The Ultimate Being

Classification: Nocturnas Gizoid

Tier: 7-A--4-A

Abilities and Powers: Limitless Copying abilites including powers, and techniques, weapons and skills, and even Personalities, Shapeshifting Combat, Limitless combat capabilities, Forming a Link with other creatures, Harnessing Chaos Energy, Flight, Super Speed, Super Strength, Shapeshifting, Adoptive Muscle Memory, Body Language Analysis, Reactive Adaption

Techniques and Weapons: Can get anybodies Technique and Weapon

Destructive Capacity: Island Level(Possibly Higher)--Star Cluster+( was connected to the Final Egg Blaster)

Durability: Island Level(Possibly Higher)

Weaknesses:none notable

Speed: LS+( can basically copy Sonic's Speed) Tier 6

Stamina: Limitless

Striking Strength: Class EJ

Lifting Strength: Class 10

Intelligence: Was Taught things from Sonic and his Friends and Computer Intelligence

Key: base--Ultimate

Combat Record: Beat Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Rouge, Amy, Cream, Tails, Gamma, Chaos, Eggman, and other Gizoids, Lost to Sonic in 30 sec when Ultimate

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