Rush eggman nega

So this is Eggman's Descendant

Name: Eggman Nega

Origin: Sonic Rush

Classification: Alternate Universe Version of Eggman

Tier: Physically 10-C, Creations range from 10-B to 2-C

Abilities and Powers: Brilliant expert mechanic and inventor in both mechanics and robotics, Genius level intellect, Highly proficient in many forms of piloting, aerial fights and driving, Card Imprisonment(via Camera), Card Manipulation(Via Camera)

Techniques and Weapons: Egg Salamander, Egg Wizard

Destructive Capacity: Human Level Physically, Street Level to Universe+ with Creations( Egg Wizard and Egg Salamander)

Durability: Physically Human Level, Street Level to Universe+ with Creations


Speed: Human Speed, Creations range from Peak Human to Massive LS

Striking Strength: Class H

Lifting Strength: Average Human

Intelligence: He is Extremely Smart rivaling Eggman's Intellect

Combat Record: This will be Implemented soon

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