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Name: Dr."Eggman" Robotnik

Origin:Sonic Game Universe

Title: Dr. Eggman

Classification: human scientist that wants to take over the world

Tier:9-C Creations range from 9-C to 4-A(not including time-eater)

Abilities and Powers:Brilliant expert mechanic and inventor in both mechanics and robotics, Genius level intellect, Highly proficient in many forms of piloting, aerial fights and driving, Can use Extreme Gear, Above Average Physical Strength, King of Preparation, make machines that have time manipulation

Techniques and Weapons: His Robots, His Mech Suit, Eggmobile,

Destructive Capacity:Wall Level(punched down a wall in Sonic Lost World) creations range from Wall Level to Star System Level( made the final egg blaster) not including Time Eater

Durability:City Block Level

Weaknesses:Without tech and prep he isn't very much of a worry

Speed: 10 m/s

Stamina: Peak human stamina

Striking Strength: can punch out a wall

Intelligence: IQ of 300

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