Centipede Monster

Name: Dark Gaia

Origin: Sonic Unleashed

Title: The Incarnation of Darkness

Classification: a God of Darkness

Tier: 5-B--5-A

Abilities and Powers: Immense super strength, Enhanced durability, Heat resistance, Energy beam emission, Darkness manipulation, Dark energy manipulation, Emotional energy manipulation, Dark Gaia's Minions creation, Unfettered Immortality, Genesis Creation, Tentacle Extension, Destrucion Embodiment, Transcendent Physiology--Refined energy projection, Claw attacks, Telekinesis, Hyper-Energy Shield( Super Sonic Couldn't Break through) Tentacle Extension

Techniques and Weapons: Dark Gaia Monsters

Destructive Capacity: Planet Level--Large Planet Level( was bigger than the planet in the opening cutscene in Sonic Unleashed in his immature form)

Attack Potency: Star Level

Durability: Large Planet Level

Weaknesses: His eye--none notable

Speed: FTL Reactions

Stamina: Unknown most likely Limitless

Striking Strength: Class XJ

Lifting Strength: Class Y

Intelligence: Unknown seems to be bent on destroying the world

Key: Immature--Perfect

Combat Record: Fought Super Sonic and Gaia Collosus at the same time

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