the most innocent thing in the world

Name: Cream the Rabbit

Origin: Sonic Advance 2

Classification: Anthropomorphic Rabbit

Tier: 10-B

Abilities and Powers: Auricular Flight, Super Speed, Capable Extreme Gear rider

Techniques and Weapons: Cheese(her pet Chao), Chao Attack(many ways for her Chao to Attack), Cure, Demoralize( can Distract her Opponents), Tough(Can Fortify her allies), Revive

Destructive Capacity: Street Level

Durability: Peak Human

Weaknesses: very Physically Weak and not skilled in H2H

Speed: Supersonic+ Tier 2

Stamina: Very High

Striking Strength: Class H

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Intelligence: Average Intelligence of a 6 year old

Combat: Fought Nocturnas Soilders

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