he is a detective at six years old

Name: Charmy Bee

Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog Manga/Knuckles Chaotix

Title: Co Founder of the Chaotix Detective Agency

Classification: Anthropomorphic Bee


Abilities and Powers: Flower Manipulation, Stinger, Flight, Super Speed, Whirlwind Creation, Great Hearing and Detection Skills, Floraprtation

Techniques and Weapons: Sting Attack(Attacks his enemy with his stinger)

Destructive Capacity: Street Level

Durability: Superhuman

Weaknesses: Doesn't take things seriously

Speed: Supersonic at most Tier 1 to 2

Stamina: Extremely High(Flies for long amount of time)

Striking Strength: Class H

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human

Intelligence: Average 6 year old intellegence but Great at Tracking things

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