Chaos Energy General Information and More Edit

Note: this will only include the Games and Sonic X, and Later when more Sonic Fictions get introduced with the idea of Chaos Energy. Archie Sonic will have a Chaos Force Profile on a Later Date

Chaos Energy is an Unstable Energy Source in Game Sonic and Sonic X and other Sonic Fictions

Chaos Energy comes from the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald and Can be used to Turn Thoughts into Power

Theories: Based of the Information Above it is Most Likely that using Chaos Energy you would be able to Reality Warp(Although considering the things Sonic Characters are able to do with the Chaos Emeralds they probably already have Reality Warped)

Chaos Energy can be used to Power Machines(Eggman) and Grant a Transformation(Super Forms) and the Energy is based of Emotions of the Person Manipulating the Energy or absorbing the Chaos Energy

Also if the User Absorbs too much energy they will be erased from existance

Sonic Wiki for more info

Chaos Emeralds

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