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General Information Edit

The Chaos Emeralds are Ancient Gems that contain unlimited Power

Having one you can Warp Time and Space

All seven of them can grant a character a Super Transformation(not all Characters can use them)

Chaos Emeralds are unlimited and and have Highly Potent and Powerful Energy called Chaos Energy

Chaos Energy can be used to power machines

The type of Chaos Energy the Chaos Emeralds produce is based on thoughts/emotions. Positive thoughts, such as friendship and caring, generate positive energies and negative thoughts, such as anger and hatred, generate negative energies. That is why its stated that the Chaos emeralds can turn your thoughts into power

if Chaos Emeralds somehow lose their energy they become colorless

Chaos Emeralds can Increase someones power

If a character takes too much energy that character will be erased from existence.

With the Chaos Emeralds they Can give a array of powers including Chaos Control which is a blank check to time and space and with these they give the characters in their base forms more of chance to defeat enemies of much higher Destructive Capacity and Durability

Notable Users Edit

Sonic the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Knuckles the Echidna


Silver the Hedgehog

Dr.Eggman(for his machines)

Metal Sonic


Mephiles the Dark

Black Doom



Dr.Eggman Nega(for his machines)

Imperator IX


Blaze the Cat

Light Gaia


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