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a Water God with Dreads


Origin: Sonic Adventue

Title: God of Destruction, Defender of the Chao

Classification: God Chao


Abilities and Powers: Super Strength, Hydrokinesis, Shapeshifting, Expert swimmer, Gliding , Skilled climber, High physical durability, Unfettered Immortalilty, Blue Energy Shields, Energy Waves, Creat Water Explosions, Shock Waves, he can try to inhale his opponents, Water Exoskeleton, Transcendent Physiology, Aquatic Respiration, Water Mimicry-- Energy beam emission, Energy clusters, Energy bullets, Vast hydrokinetic abilities, Super strength, Tornado creation, Limited shapeshifting, Leviathan Physiology, Monster Physiology

Techniques and Weapons: Chaos Bind, Chaos Crush(Chaos throws his arm into the ground an water tentacles spring from the ground), Chaos Impact, Chaos Shot( water Projectile), Chaos Splash( he Sets up a puddle and if anyone comes into contact with it they get attacked), Chaos Strike

Destructive Capacity:City Block Level--City Level to possible Lifewiper(some fans beilieve he could have life-wiped the planet)

Attack Potency: Lifewiper(Perfect Chaos, Fan Speculation)

Durability: City Block Level--City Level

Weaknesses:His Head(except for Chaos 6)

Speed: Supersonic(Standard for now) Tier 2

Stamina:unknown most likely Unlimited

Striking Strength: Class GJ High End--Class PJ

Lifting Strength: Unknown--Class G

Intelligence: Unknown, Seems to know what he is doing

Key: Chaos 0-6--Perfect Chaos

Combat Record: Had taken out everyone in the Knuckles Clan, Destroyed Station Square

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Perfect Chaos

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