• Itsyoboii

    Many Changes

    January 13, 2015 by Itsyoboii

    I decided to write this on a Blog

    There has been many Changes to the Wiki

    1. Thanks to Whatnoww for the updated Speed Tier List as it is much better than my system

    2. I have Updated the Tier List to make it more accurate 

    3. We have added Attack Potency to the Format to show what Levels characters could reach and Levels Calcs have given us

    4. All Character Profiles have been updated to look more accurate 

    5. Also in Each Character Profile i have added ability definition links from the Superpower wiki

    6. i Also changed the Wiki Navigation to make the Wiki more easy to navigate

    7. I have Added an Admin Test Page for ideas an admin would want to try to give our Wiki more quality

    Changes and things to Come

    1. I am Planning on making seperate Pages for f…

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