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The Most Powerful Female Character

Name: Blaze the Cat

Origin: Sonic Rush

Title: Princess Blaze, Guardian of the Sol Emeralds

Classification: Anthropomorphic Cat


Abilities and Powers: Pyrokinesis, Super speed, Hand-to-hand combat skills, Extreme acrobatic skills and reflexes, Levitation, Sensing the Sol Emeralds and dimensional disturbances, Dexterity, Thermal Resistance, Fire Generation, Cyclone Spinning, Ergokinetic Combat--Enhanced super strength, Enhanced super speed, invulnerability, Enhanced acrobatic skills and reflexes, Flight Enhanced pyrokinesis, Fireball Projection, Light speed movements, Fire Mimicry, Heliokinesis, Fire Stream Projection, Fire Aura

Techniques and Weapons: Axel Jump( jumps and turns into a fire tornado), Burst Dash,(similar to Sonic Boost but instead of an aura it is fire), Chaos Control, Fire Claw( her version of the homing attack except fire surrounds her), Spinning Claw( she spins around with fire surrounding her)--Burning Fire Boost( Similar to Sonic Boost)

Destructive Capacity:Island Level( similar to Sonic)--Universal+ Level via hax( Fought Egg Salamander and Egg Wizard )

Attack Potency: Moon Level(Base Form)

Durability: Island Level--Universal Level

Weaknesses: Heights, makes bad decisions when mad

Speed: Massive Hypersonic+--Massive LS( Moving around Sonic's Speed) Overall Tier 5-6

Stamina:Extremely High

Striking Strength: Class TJ--XJ

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Intelligence: She somewhat leads a whole dimension

Key: base--Burning Blaze

Combat Record: Stalemated Sonic, Considered the Strongest Female in the Sonic the Hedgehog Series

Burning blaze fireball by blazelover15-d76mwy3

Burning Blaze

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