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Who Designed this guy

Name: Black Doom

Origin: Shadow the Hedgehog

Title: Supreme Ruler of the Universe

Classification: Black Arm Alien

Tier: 8-A(Standard for now) to 5-C( with his Black Comet)--5-B to Possible 5-A

Abilities and Powers: Chaos Powers, Levitation, intangibility, Telepathy, Mental Links with his creations, Mind Control, Able to Summon Flaming Meteor Strikes, Can summon Blades of Fire, Anatomical Liberation, Empathy, Nerve Gas Generationm, Space-Time Manipulation. Holographic Projection, Personality Alteration Alien Manipulation, Limb Reattachent, Psychic Communication, Illusion Manipulation, Teleportation-- all abilites Enhanced, Fire Breath, Telekinesis, Flight, High Physical Durability, Can Sense where Shadow is, Invulnerability except for his eyes

Techniques and Weapons: Chaos Control, Swift Strike( an Energy Boomerang that Spins around at floor level and bounces against obstacles), Black Arms, Black Comet--Chaos Control, Meteor Lazor 

Destructive Capacity:Town Level(Standard for now) to Lifewiper( Black Comet was going to release a gas all over the planet that would make everyone lose control of there nerves)--Planet Level to Possible Large Planet/Multi-Planet Level via Powerscaling 

Durability:Town Level --Planet Level 

Weaknesses: Can't mind Control Shadow

Speed: Unknown( Uses Chaos Control for all travel)


Striking Strength: Unknown

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Intelligence: Very Intelligent( Professor Gerald had to call him to help with the Ultimate Life Form)

Combat Record: Caused War all over Sonic's Planet, Has tried to conquer the Universe, Lost to Shadow all the times he fought him

Key: Base Form--Devil Doom

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Devil Doom

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