How to go from giant Lizard Robot thing to a much Shorter Hedgehog

Name: Biolizard

Origin: Sonic Adventure 2

Title: Prototype of the Ultimate Life Form

Classification: Lizard with mechanics on it?

Tier:8-B--5-B to possible 5-A

Abilities and Powers: Chaos Powers, Regeneration, Enhanced neck, Enhanced tail, Energy projection, Asexual reproduction, Gravity manipulation, invulnerability, Immortal--Energy beam emission, Creating and controlling pink orbs, Inhuman physical durability, Asexual reproduction, Regeneration, Harnessing energy from Space Colony Ark

Techniques and Weapons: Chaos Control

Destructive Capacity: Multi City Block Level( Base Form was Weaker than Perfect Chaos)--Planet Level to Possible Large Planet/Multi-Planet Level( Black Doom said the Eclipse Cannon could Pierce a Star)

Attack Potency: Star Level( Final Hazard)

Durability: Town Level--Planet Level

Weaknesses: Can easily be outmaneuvered--is Stuck to a orbital space station

Speed: Hypersonic+ was keeping up with Sonic and Shadows casual speeds : Tier 3

Stamina: Extremely High

Striking Strength: GJ Higher End

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Intelligence: Unknown Seems to know what he is doing

Key: base--Finalhazard

Combat Record: Was going to destroy the Planet


Final Hazard ( when he made the fusion couldn't they have not made it seem the Eclispe Cannon was going up his butt

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