Char 16330

he could have done alot more in his fight

Name: Babylon Guardian

Origin: Sonic Riders

Title: The Guardian God of Bablyon Garden

Classification: a Guardian God

Tier: 3-A

Abilities and Powers: Reality Warping, Energy Ball Projection, Guardianship, Genie Physiology

Destructive Capacity: Universe Level( he can Realty warp a Dimension)

Durability: Island Level

Weaknesses: his Lamp

Speed: LS+( Was keeping up with Sonic and Jet on Extreme Gear)

Stamina: Unknown probably Limitless

Striking Strength: Unknown

Lifting Strenght: Unknown

Intelligence: Unknown, Only Attacks people who he believes is trying to steal

Combat Record: Lost to Team Sonic and the Bablyon Rogues

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